our philosophy

We believe in having fun with no regrets, while still feeling your best.

Conscious Wines, a new low-calorie brand, maintains the quality of the traditional wine making process, while incorporating wellness; fewer calories, no chemical additives.

Conscious Wines, satisfaction without the sacrifice.

Production Process:

  • Harvest grapes: In order to reduce the amount of sugar in the grapes, the harvest takes place 15 days earlier than a traditional harvest.
  • Extract juice: The grape is destemmed and pressed. For the rosé wine, there is a maceration process of 12 hours in order for the wine to acquire a little bit of color.
  • Fermentation:
    Red wine : 10 days
    Rosé wine : 8 days
    White wine : 8 days
  • Clarification and stabilization of the wine.
  • Wine filtration by diatomaceous earth to eliminate impurities.
  • Wine microfiltration by Millipore before going through the filling line. In this process any remaining impurities get eliminated.
  • Packaging: in 12 bottle cases.