the origin

CONSCIOUS is a wine by Bodegas ELOSEGI Wineries. This is a Spanish family winery, with 4 generations of experience in the world of wines. A winery that respects the tradition of wine, its history and its culture, but isn’t afraid to innovate and adapt to new times and modern tastes and habits of people all around the world.

This winery has vineyards all around Spain, where it picks the best kinds of grape for each wine, giving a personal touch based on over a century of experience. After this, the different wines are bottled and sold around the world so that people like you can enjoy them.



José Antonio Elosegi starts his business. With courage and a desire to fill the needs of the time, he and his wife, Navarre, brought a wineskin from the border to the Gabiria Spa restaurant where they worked, which was enjoyed by the patrons. Soon after he got himself a mule and the story begins.


José Antonio and his wife move to Ormai- ztegui, a town in the Basque Country of Nor- thern Spain, and open an inn, focusing on the sale of wine.


With a train carriage purchased in Bilbao, and the capacity to hold large quantities of wine, José Antonio’s objec- tive was to go to La Mancha. There, he met with great wine produ- cers to negotiate and bring good wine to the north for its subsequent distribution and sale.


During the Spanish civil war the Elosegis’s move to Beasain, where José Antonio builds a four-storey house, set- ting up the wine-selling business on the lower floors.
After the death of their father, the Elosegi sons continue to run the business. With a small fleet of distribution trucks and vans.


With the founder’s grandchildren, José Ma- nuel and his cousin José Mari in charge of the business, Vinos Elosegi S.L. is established.
The 3rd generation of Elosegis’s move to a building in Olaberria, where the business is still run today.


The fourth generation of Elosegis, Mikel Elo- segi and his cousin José Manuel Elosegi, take over the business from their parents. Main- taining the company’s core values and traditio- nal methods, but with a more professional and specialised approach, and now exporting worldwide.